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Responsive websites and mobile apps for the management of the Serve prepaid card and its partnership brands BlueBird (for Walmart) and REDcard (for Target).
We worked closely with client-side product managers and designers on ongoing feature additions and usability improvements based on 2-week Scrum sprints. Work included audits, client workshops, user journeys, conceptual and detailed design, user testing, and UX specs creation.

Case Study: Instant RCC

Remote Check Capture (RCC) allows to deposit checks via the mobile app by taking a picture of the check. The processing takes 6-9 business days. Instant RCC extends this feature to allow deposits within 30 minutes. Due to the associated risk, this involves a fee and certain usage restrictions. I worked as a Lead Designer on this story.

Design Brief

As with all projects for the Serve team, we started with the creation of a Design Brief with Product and Design Managers. The Design Brief defines the overall project and business goals and potential design strategies.

Design Brief
Design brief


The next step consisted of an audit of related existing functionality as well as related competitor approaches. This ensures a solid and shared understanding of the problem space.


Journey Map

For this project, it was important to understand the users mindset across all potential interactions with this new feature. Therefore, we conducted a journey workshop with Product Managers and Designers.
We broke the user journey into specific periods (initial encounter, feature experimentation, feature adaptation), and for each period identified potential touchpoints, corresponding user needs and goals, as well as related business requirements or constraints.

Journey Phases & Prompts
Journey phases & workshop prompt
Journey Worksheet
Journey worksheet
Draft Journeymap
Draft journey map

The final journey map summarizes these findings, illustrating a multitude of insights:

  • User Mindset: What is the user's primary goal at this point in time?
  • Service Mode: What is our focus in addressing this goal?
  • Services: How specifically can we do this? For the common path? For exception states?
  • Channels: Which channels are appropriate for this? What specifically can we do? What priority has this?

Lastly, it clearly summarizes the key opportunities across channels. (Blue callouts).

Final Journeymap
Final journey map

Design Concepts

For each of the identified opportunities, we developed initial high-level design concepts, describing potential approaches. Wherever non-trivial, we explored and evaluated multiple approaches.

Design Concepts Design Concepts
Design concepts


We then focused on a few selected approaches, iterating over these with additional sketches, and further refining them via wireframes.

WireframesDesign Concepts

UX Specs

The end-deliverable was a UX Spec, detailing the final designs and flows.

UX Specs
UX Specs