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UX, UI · At Insightly

Lead UX designer at Insightly, a cloud-based customer relationship management system with over 1 million users in 200+ countries.
Working closely with the Vice President of Product Management and two Product Managers, I am responsible for designing ongoing feature updates. My focus is on our mobile apps on Android and iOS, while managing a Senior UX Designer responsible for web app stories. (Much of the web app UX design is also done by the CEO.)
A key challenge is improving the overall user experience of our complex existing apps while maintaining a constant delivery of new features in a fast-paced environment. In addition to working on specific stories, I continue to add UX/UI best practices and processes to our workflow, while educating and evangelizing for more user-centered design.

Example Stories

Improved Login Flow

Redesigned login flow including better indication of available login types, better error handling, improved visuals, and additional intro screens to encourage signup.

Login flow
Login flow overview
Login before after
Login screen before/after
Login splash
New introduction screens

Added Global Search

Provided ability to search across Contacts, Organizations, Leads, Opportunities etc., including option to filter search results.

global search flow
Search flow overview
global search before after
Menu before/after
Login splash
Filtering global search results

Improved Filter Functionality

Redesigned list filters, including extensive and flexible filter selection, better indication of current filter, and more intuitive access to filter screens.

filter explorations
Filter explorations
filter before after
Filter dialog before/after
secondary filter dialogs
Secondary filter dialogs

New Feature Discovery

Designed "What's New" screens indicating added features for new app releases. Designed coach-marks indicating new features in-context.

whats new
"What's New"
coach marks
In-context coach marks